Lee (aka Mr. T) is our principal and founder of Interstate Sales and T-MAN. Since 1969, he has been out in the field helping customers and inside the office directing the staff. “Retired” now, Lee has cut his hours back to Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. He still enjoys vacations on the high seas, and trips to see his children and grandchildren. At 80-something, maybe he’ll consider slowing down and relaxing more. Don’t count on it, especially when there’s a customer on the line.


Mike, Lee’s son, is still learning the ropes here at Interstate/T-MAN. He keeps great people around him, and let’s them do all the heavy lifting and thinking. Full time since 1990 and part time since 1979, Mike enjoys coming to the office and watching "Team T-MAN" do their thing. If he can’t help you find what you’re looking for, he knows someone that can.


Nate has been in the industry for 3 years now, and has settled well into the art of customer service. A former Ennis Traffic Center alum, Nate is well versed with the needs of our customer base throughout San Diego county, and looks forward to helping you get your job finished. Nate is expert in all facets of the business—from answering the phones to typing up your order, to packing up your shipment and delivering it on our truck.


Juan is the person that is making sure your order is pulled and ready to go! Juan came aboard T-Man seamlessly and has made our warehouse what it is today. Say "Hi" the next time you're in to pick up your products.


Janet is our newest member of Team T-Man, Janet joins us from the busy world of over-the-counter auto parts sales and administration. We’re confident Janet is the missing piece of T-Man’s administrative team that will solidify our place in the market. She’s the voice over the phone ready to help you, and the glue that keeps the office together.