Lee (aka Mr. T) is our principal and founder of Interstate Sales and T-MAN. Since 1969, he has been out in the field helping customers and inside the office directing the staff. “Retired” now, Lee has cut his hours back to Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. He still enjoys vacations on the high seas, and trips to see his children and grandchildren. At 80-something, maybe he’ll consider slowing down and relaxing more. Don’t count on it, especially when there’s a customer on the line.


Mike, Lee’s son, is still learning the ropes here at Interstate/T-MAN. He keeps great people around him, and let’s them do all the heavy lifting and thinking. Full time since 1990 and part time since 1979, Mike enjoys coming to the office and watching "Team T-MAN" do their thing. If he can’t help you find what you’re looking for, he knows someone that can.


Melissa joins T-Man Traffic as an inside sales person, and also helps keep the office paperwork moving quickly and effectively. Her background is in over the counter auto parts, and brings a breadth of knowledge and customer service experience to help you get the right products for your job.


Ed has been our outside salesman since September, 2017. Mr. Sevilla brings 15 years of outside sales experience to our office. He worked at Sinclair paints then did a stint with Vista Paint. While Ed is new to the traffic maintenance industry, he’s a caring and tenacious customer’s representative, anticipating their every need and is always willing to go the extra mile for those he works with. Ed is excited to be part of the T-Man Traffic Supply family, and is eager to learn his new role and grow the business in the San Diego area. When Ed is not in front of a customer he enjoys his time with family.


Juan has years of experience in customer sales and service, and recently moved into our office from the warehouse. Juan is anxious to meet with you and help get you what you need in a cost efficient, timely manner.


Sue with over 40 years of experience in the traffic maintenance industry, Sue was recently coaxed out of retirement (again!) to help us at T-Man Traffic Supply. She’s an industry icon, and has generations of customers who trust and work with her throughout the San Diego area. If she doesn’t know or have what you’re looking for, it probably doesn’t exist.


Gabe is our logistics specialist, taking care of your order’s gathering, packing, and shipping needs. Experienced and organized, Gabe will see that your order gets there on time, and as required.