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Construction Safety

Road Construction Zones can be perilous.  That's why T-Man Traffic Supply keeps up with current specifications and standards to insure you have the right materials to ensure your workers' safety.



Wood, metal, or plastic.  Types I, II, or III, we stock them all.  Give us your job spec, and we'll get you going.


Pedestrian Barricades

This timeless design is still used across California. We stock them for ground mount slip insert or wet set applications.


Flasher Lights

Flasher technology has dramatically improved over the years.  Our LED circuit powered by D Cell batteries can power your light for months.  If you prefer an "old school", we can get you the 6Volt battery powered lights as well.


Emergency Warning Lights

Portable or mounted, we have them with efficient LED technology at your fingertips.  


Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones are forever!  From 12" to 36", reflective bands or fabric collapsible, we have all styles and sizes in our inventory.


Portable Delineators

T-top, Looper top, "candle sticks", all with different weight base options, we stock them all.

Quality Products that keep your Zone safe.

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