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Pavement Markings

We carry a wide array of pavement marking materials all meeting California and/or Federal Specifications.


Pavement Markers

Reflective and Non-Reflective, Plastic or Ceramic, Recessed or Surface Mounted, all good in stock.


Marker Adhesive

Hot Melt Bituminous, Standard or Flexible; Rapid Set or Standard Set Epoxy.  It's all here.

Ennis Traffic Paint, an industry leader in traffic coatings

Traffic Paint

Waterbase, Oil Base; California Spec, Federal Spec; High Build; In 5's, Drums, and Totes.  We also handle a full spectrum of Aervoe Marking and Striping paint in 17oz. cans.  All good in stock.


Glass Traffic and Airport Beads

Caltrans, Federal, and FAA Specification Traffic and Airport Beads in 50lb. bag, Drum, and Supersack containers.  


Preformed and Hot Melt Thermoplastic

Whether it's preformed alkyd based, pearl drop, block, or granular form hot melt thermoplastic, we stock all Caltrans and Federal Specifications.  Competitive, Durable, Efficient, Available.


Temporary, Permanent Striping Tape

We stock what you need!  Legends, Numbers, Lines of all widths and colors.  Send us your specification, and we'll meet it pronto.

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